Suite from Paradise Lost

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Opis materiału
  • Composer:Krzysztof Penderecki
  • Original title: Suita z Raju utraconego na głosy solowe, chór i orkiestrę
  • year of completion: 2000
  • instrumentation: solo voices, choir and orchestra
Penderecki is the author of four monumental stage works. Two of these, The Black Mask and Paradise Lost, have yet to be released on records or discs. Staging any of the four is a gargantuan task. Well aware of this difficulty, the composer has “extracted” individual parts or cycles “for concert performance” as separate works.

This is how the 40-minute cycle Prelude (Prologue), Visions and Finale from “Paradise Lost” has come into the composer’s catalogue. The idea of transplanting parts of Paradise Lost from the opera onto the concert stage appears natural, as sacra rappresentazione as a musical form is related to both opera and oratorio.

Penderecki returned once again to the concert version of this work in 2000, extending the choice of scenes to form a 100-minute Suite from the 3-hour Paradise Lost), which calls for choir, orchestra, and up to 12 soloists.