Click, listen, and discover the work of Lutosławski, Górecki, and Penderecki. It’s all up to you: just use your eyes, ears, and hands to explore the following options:

If you pick MUSIC

You can listen to the music of the masters on the online audio player and add tracks to your own playlist. To queue up a track, press the speaker icon, or click the “+” button to add the piece to your personal playlist. The audio player will pop up in a new window so you can browse or other sites while enjoying the music.

If you’re interested in listening to the work of a single composer, a particular decade or year, or if you just want to focus on a specific genre, use the filters at the top of the music database to narrow down your search. If you sing or play an instrument and you’re looking for inspiration, click on “Advanced search” to view more filtering options.

Each piece has its own page with a description and meticulous information about its performers, date of completion, premiere performance, and suggested discography. To the right you’ll find comments by the composer or critical reviews of the piece. To view the page of a related composition, click on its title.

If you pick PLAYLISTS

You can listen to playlists compiled by musicians, music journalists, composers, conductors, music scholars, and family members of the composers. Watch a video or read about their reasons for choosing the pieces, or just click on the play icon on the right to listen to the playlist. You can always remove a track from the playlist or add another one of your choosing.

If you pick the TIMELINE

You can scroll left to go back in time and learn about events in the composers’ lives, and find out what was going in Poland and the rest of the world at the time. Facts about the lives of each of the composers are marked with a different color, making it clear which event pertains to which person. Images not marked with any color make up the cultural and historical backdrop. Click on the name of a composer to narrow the view down to events associated with him. Hover over a thumbnail to see a description of the event.

If you pick ALPHABETS

You’ll find a glossary of terms with more information about the life and work of each composer, as well as links to relevant musical pieces. Click on a term to read the brief entry associated with it.

If you pick the page of a particular composer

Each composer’s page features a list of his pieces, a glossary of terms, and a timeline. Don’t forget to:

  • watch a brief video-story about the life and work of the composer
  • learn about the different artistic periods in the composer’s life
  • read the composer’s biography
  • and, of course, listen, listen, listen…
Enjoy the site!