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Opis materiału
  • Composer:Witold Lutosławski
  • Original title: Utwory młodzieńcze
  • year of completion: 1930
  • instrumentation: various

The name “early pieces” refers to all compositions written by Lutosławski before he began his studies, compositions that were subsequently lost. Together, they make up the “ancient history” of his oeuvre and are known today from scarce traces.

The curriculum vitae written by the composer when he was applying for a job with the Polish Radio includes the following sentence: “I have been composing from the age of six [...] from the age of nine” (crossed out as in the original). According to information provided by Lutosławski on another occasion, he composed his first correctly notated pieces at age 11, in 1924. They were miniatures for piano, probably a Prelude and a Lullaby in E major. They were complemented by two sonatas for violin with piano (1927-1928) and more advanced piano works: Poème (1928), Variations (1929) and Dance of the Chimera (1930). When Lutosławski wrote the last three pieces, he had begun private composition lessons with Witold Maliszewski. In 1930 he also composed Scherzo, the first orchestral piece by the future great of symphonic composition.