The Holy and the Ivy

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Opis materiału
  • Composer:Witold Lutosławski
  • Original title: The Holly and the Ivy
  • year of completion: 1984
  • instrumentation: voice (or unison voices), piano
  • commission: Chester Music
  • kind of text: traditional
  • Text language: English
  • Premiere: Warsaw, 19.01.1986, children's choir of the American School in Warsaw, Alicja Dufaniec – piano
  • Discography: "Witold Lutosławski Songs and Carols", Anna Radziejewska - mezzo-soprano, Mariusz Rutkowski - piano, DUX, 2013
Chester Music published an anthology of traditional British carols in modern arrangements in 1985. Artists invited to contribute to the project included Lutosławski. The composer replied to the invitation, writing his own version of The Holly and the Ivy.

The arrangement is very close in style to the 20 Carols of 1946 and other works by the composer based on popular material. To a simple melody, Lutosławski added an accompaniment “diverging from it” in a very subtle manner. Combined with the notes of the carol, its notes create spicy dissonances and enrich the regular rhythm of the carol with unexpected “disruptions”.