50 Polyphonic Pieces

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Opis materiału
  • Composer:Witold Lutosławski
  • Original title: 50 utworów polifonicznych
  • content: 1. 10 Interludes for oboe and bassoon
    2. 10 Canons for two clarinets
    3. 10 Canons for 4 voices
    4. 11 Miniatures for 4 and 5 voices
    5. 9 Canons for three clarinets
  • year of completion: 1944
  • instrumentation: various
These polyphonic exercises (interludes, canons, miniatures) written during the occupation period are virtually unknown but very interesting. In them, Lutosławski tried out his musical ideas and gradually developed his own style as a composer; in this respect the pieces were a true testing ground. Many sophisticated solutions related to harmony, rhythm and texture came from these modest works and found their way into Lutosławski’s later masterpieces.