Sanctus Adalbertus op. 71

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Opis materiału
  • Composer:Henryk Mikołaj Górecki
  • Original title: Sanctus Adalbertus op. 71
  • year of completion: 2010
  • instrumentation: soprano solo, solo baritone, mixed choir, orchestra
  • kind of text: religious
  • Text language: Latin
Sanctus Adalbertus for soprano, baritone, mixed choir and orchestra is a monumental, nearly hour-long oratorio dedicated to St. Adalbert. Nothing certain had been known about the composition apart from the fact that Górecki planned to write a ”big Adalbert” following his “small” one, that is, Salve, Sidus Polonorum. Recently, however, the score was found by Górecki’s son among the composer’s materials. At present, the work is being prepared for publication by Górecki’s British publisher, Boosey & Hawkes.