Cloud Comes, Rain Falls op. 51

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Opis materiału
  • Composer:Henryk Mikołaj Górecki
  • Original title: Idzie chmura, pada deszcz op. 51 na chór mieszany a cappella
  • content: 1. Cloud Comes, Rain Falls
    2. Where are you going, Johnny?
    3. When it will be sunny and warm
    4. An orphan girl walked through a village
    5. Time for us to go home, girl
  • year of completion: 1984
  • instrumentation: mixed choir a cappella
  • kind of text: traditional
  • Text language: Polish
Cloud Is Coming, Rain Is Falling is another, cycle of Górecki’s choral songs that, as with O, my Garland of Lavender, arranges lyrics and melodies collected by Oskar Kolberg in Pomerania. It was written soon after work had been finished on the previous cycle  – both were written in March 1984 – and thus constitutes a natural continuation, as it were.

In this case the composer arranged five songs, among which only the central song, When the Sun Comes and the Weather Is Fine, is in a lively tempo – the rhythm of the mazurka – while the dominant mood in the other songs is that of pensiveness and melancholy. The most interesting among them is the second, Where Are You Going, Johnny?, which had been previously arranged by Szymanowski (Nine Polish Songs, 1926) and Lutosławski (Nine Polish Folk Songs on Soldier Themes, 1951). Górecki used an interesting solution to present the dialogue between a girl and a boy going to war, making the various phrases differ in terms of meter and expression – the girl’s words are in duple meter (2/4), while the boy answers her in triple meter (3/4). Moreover, the composer creates subtle harmonic differences in these fragments, strengthening their expressive power and emphasising the sad mood of the song with its inevitable parting of the lovers.