Alphabet - Henryk Mikołaj Górecki

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Lerche, Lerchenborg

At once a name and a place. In 1983, Countess Louise Lerche-Lerchenborg phoned Henryk Górecki to invite him to the music festival held at her family estate in Lerchenborg, on the west coast of Zealand in Denmark. The commissioning of a new piece came at just the right time for the composer, who had been suffering a deep personal and artistic crisis, and filled him with renewed creative energy. Górecki came to Lerchenborg Musikdage in 1984 with the incomplete score of the trio Lerchenmusik, and later composed the Intermezzo for piano for Lerchenborg and For you, Anne-Lill for flute and piano. Countess Louise, whom he referred to as “his skylark,” remained a close friend until the end of his days.