• Camilla Panufnik | Playlist “It is very difficult to say which are my favourite pieces, because whichever one I’m listening to is my favourite at the time I’m listening to it. Of course, there are some works which have more sentimental value to me.”
  • Roxanna Panufnik | Playlist “I have two favorite pieces by my father. It’s no coincidence, I think, that they were actually written in the same year. And I didn’t realize it until this year because this year, for obvious reasons, I’ve been reading a lot about my father and I’ve had to write a lot about him. These two pieces, Sinfonia Sacra and Song to the Virgin Mary, were both written in 1963, which is the year that he married my mother.”
  • Łukasz Borowicz | Playlist “I think I’d arrange my playlist in a way that enables the listener to get through to the end, from the most accessible pieces to the most complex pieces, to works that require preparation, i.e., getting to know Andrzej Panufnik’s music, getting to know his style and finding one’s way in this music.”
  • Krzesimir Dębski | Playlist “Very little was said about Andrzej Panufnik in the 1960s and 1970s. There were just some legends, some tales of elderly people. I heard the name on Radio Free Europe programmes, in which he was mentioned sometimes in the context of émigrés like Czesław Miłosz, those who fled Poland as traitors. There was the Panufnik legend, but there were no recordings in Poland. I also learned about Panufnik from Americans, from American musicians – that there was this brilliant composer.”
  • Jacek Kaspszyk | Playlist “I had the good fortune to meet Andrzej Panufnik in the 1980s in London, when I moved there. He was an extraordinary man. A man with an exceptional sense of humour, very sensitive, loving his privacy, his home, peace and quiet. He was also a very well-organized man, who followed mathematical rules when composing every work. There was no chance there.”
  • Wojciech Michniewski | Playlist “Works by Andrzej Panufnik I like most are those in which he immersed himself most deeply, if that’s at all possible in this extremely condensed and discreet music. I think these works include Autumn Music and Arbor Cosmica, a magnificent piece in every respect.”
  • Ewa Pobłocka | Playlist “I am attracted to Panufnik’s music by its regularity, by the fact that this music can be notated without notes by means of some patterns which are always symmetrical in one way or another. This is close to my heart and in some way related to an objective definition of beauty. If symmetry is there we have harmony, and harmony is beauty. This symmetry is ubiquitous in Panufnik’s music.”
  • Paweł Kowalski | Playlist “So, nine works that have come to mind just now. I’ve said no to Autumn Music, but this doesn’t mean that there won’t be another work I’d say no to. I’ve thought about these nine works straight away and that’s quite a lot. This is a highly subjective point of view.”
  • Michał Merczyński | Playlist “I think we have a special obligation to Andrzej Panufnik, one of the most important 20th century composers, who left Poland, his homeland, which then forgot him for political reasons. It was a gesture on his part, a very clear and very important gesture. For all those years until 1977 – since his departure in the 1950s – he was certainly someone who was completely erased from Polish culture.”