Two Lyric Pieces for young players

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Opis materiału
  • Composer:Andrzej Panufnik
  • Original title: Two Lyric Pieces for orchestra
  • content: 1. 1. Molto andante
    2. cantabile
    2. Andante
    3. molto sostenuto
  • year of completion: 1963
  • instrumentation: 1st piece: wind instruments; 2nd piece: string instruments
  • commission: Farnham Festival
  • Dedication: In memory of my Mother
  • Premiere: Farnham, 13.05,1963, Alan Fluck – conductor

Panufnik’s Two Lyric Pieces is two short pieces for young players. The composer sketched them out in 1959 in London and completed them in early 1963, responding to a commission from the director of the Farnham Festival, Sir John Verney.

Two Lyric Pieces, dedicated to the memory of the composer’s mother, are in fact a reconstruction of melodies improvised by Panufnik in childhood. He added richer harmonies and scored them for wind instruments in the first piece and for strings in the second. In the surviving manuscript of the first version of the work (from 1959), the parts have titles – Ballad and Romance – but in the final version the composer left only numbers and tempo markings: Molto andante, cantabile and Andante, molto sostenuto. As befits works for young players, Two Lyric Pieces have a simple, transparent texture, expressive melody and tonal harmony with small, slightly dissonant deviations.

The composition was premiered on 13 May 1963 in Farnham by an orchestra of students from schools in Farnham and Kingston-upon-Thames conducted by Alan Fluck.