Lullabies. Solo cantata for soprano and 7 instruments

Recording not available.

Opis materiału
  • Composer:Wojciech Kilar
  • Original title: Kołysanki na sopran i 7 instrumentów
  • content: 1. In the garden (Andantino)
    2. The little cloud (Lento)
    3. He won’t sleep, he won’t (Andante)
    4. Murmuring waters (Adagio)
  • year of completion: 1957
  • instrumentation: voice, 3 clarinets, horn, bassoon, harp, piano
  • kind of text: literary
  • Text language: Polish

This composition was written at a time when Wojciech Kilar had ceased to compose in the neoclassical style and began drawing on a more “avant-garde” musical tradition – that of Bartók and the main exponents of dodecaphony: Schoenberg, Webern and Berg.

The composition is an original combination of the 12-note technique (based on the series E flat – E –  D – F – D flat – C – G  flat – B –  G – A  flat – B flat – A) with an unusual instrumental line-up, texture known from Webern’s cantatas (scattered individual motifs) and, finally, Józef Czechowicz’s lyrics, which draw subtly on folk poetry.

Lullabies has been preserved in the composer’s archives in the form of a manuscript score. There is no evidence of any performance having taken place.